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Hair Lotion with Biotin and Caffeine + Liposomes

Hair is increasingly damaged by the sun, pollution and certain very aggressive washing and styling products. Ageing also contributes to making it more fragile and less beautiful. This lotion, which combines caffeine and biotin, is both very nourishing and regenerating. It makes hair shinier, denser and slows down hair loss.

Caffeine stimulates regrowth

Caffeine increases blood supply locally at the hair root, thus improving the nutrition of the follicles and prolonging their life. It also protects the scalp from the negative effects of a metabolite of testosterone, DHT, which accelerates hair growth in men and women, to the point of exhausting the hair root, making it thin and brittle, and eventually causing it to fall out. Caffeine therefore activates the hair regrowth phase and then prolongs it, resulting in a noticeable thickening of the hair.

Biotin strengthens the hair

Biotin (part of the group of B vitamins) is a precursor of keratin, a protein that is the main component of hair fibre. The body gets the biotin it needs from food and it is also produced in the gut by the microbiota. But supplementation through the transdermal route can be useful in improving hair health and facilitating hair regrowth.

When it reaches the hair follicles, it has a positive effect on the metabolism of keratocytes. It makes them more resistant and they become less fragile in the face of aggressions such as excess sun and wind, lack of care, aggressive products... Biotin improves the quality of the hair, which becomes more resistant and more beautiful. It has no known side effects.

Liposomes, transport agents

These are small, flexible vesicles that consist of a double layer of lipids enclosing a compartment filled with water in which they can encapsulate and protect active substances, here caffeine and biotin, to transport them safely and then release them into the scalp cells with all their properties intact.


100 ml tinted glass bottle.



Suitable for all hair types.

Apply in the morning and after each shampoo.

Massage the scalp, let dry then style.

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