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Eliphe: Designer-creators of food supplements and natural cosmetics


Eliphe laboratories share the same findings with Chinese and Oriental medicine. Quality of life, good health and vitality are above all the result of a natural logic of Balances. Balance between mind and body, balance between breathing and food.

These are the simple principles that guide the work of Eliphe laboratories:

1. Give the first to micro nutrition and 100% natural microelements.

2. Use only “ortho molecular” active ingredients thanks to liposomal technology.

3. Use exclusively high quality manufacturing techniques and processes.


100% natural principles for young and old alike


Pineapple, yam, carrot, artichoke, black radish, guarana, green tea, ginger, cimifuga, coconut oil, palm nut oil, minerals, trace elements, natural vitamins are some of the components used by Eliphe. Eliphe * products are of a quality proven to fight more effectively against states of fatigue, muscle pain, rhino-sinusitis, headaches, nausea, arthritis, insulin resistance (diabetes), reduced physical or intellectual performance, syndrome pre-menstrual, menopause, hot flashes or irritability, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breasts, osteoporosis, fibroids, etc. 

Liposomal technology and orthomolecular therapy


By positioning themselves on liposomal forms, the creators of Eliphe have chosen to create innovative food supplements. The basis of orthomolecular therapy, the use of liposomes allows the food supplement to target its action more precisely and therefore increase its efficiency at the heart of the cell. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the liposome is the best vehicle for delivering an active substance. Its enhanced efficacy and exceptional bioavailability make Eliphe food supplements a must in today's market.


High build quality


Doctors and researchers in biology from Eliphe laboratories have validated by protocol the choice and quality of natural principles, the use and the development methodologies of our product line. Each product in the Eliphe range subsequently undergoes stability tests before being placed on the market. All Eliphe products are validated by ANSM, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products.


* The coating of our capsules is guaranteed to be 100% vegetable cellulose. Our capsules are also guaranteed to be free of artificial colors and preservatives and contain no gluten, dairy, soy, yeast or corn.

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