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Hormonal and endocrine balance

The prostate is a male gland the size of a large walnut and is located below the bladder, at the outlet of the urethral canal it surrounds. In some diseases, the prostate gland becomes enlarged and conspicuous, causing problems urinating, disrupting erections or reducing fertility. It can even lead to the development of a cancerous disease that, in most cases, leads to removal.    


Prostaphyt is useful both in prevention, to inhibit the two enzymes responsible for the hypertrophy and inflammation of the prostate, but also as a cure, resulting in the reduction of prostate volume and the maintenance of an efficient urinary stream. Its formula is effective in correcting the hormonal and endocrine imbalances that are at the root of the problem, but also immune imbalances.

Concretely, Prostaphyt from the Eliphe laboratory reduces the volume of the prostate or prevents it from growing, it fights its inflammation, it also relieves the bladder, it fills your zinc deficiency and increases your immune response.

Prostaphyt takes into account all the parameters of prostate diseases that are often neglected by conventional treatments.


- The sabal is a dwarf palm tree native to Florida.

Its berries are used in the composition of Prostaphyt in powder form. The sabal helps maintain normal urinary function in men. Its effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of prostate adenomas because it reduces hyperplasia. Other studies have also demonstrated its beneficial effect on prostate cancer.

- The bark powder of the pygeum

The aromatase inhibitor, a tree native to Africa, inhibits the aromatase that is responsible for the excessive transformation of testosterone into oestradiol. This action leads to improved urination, as well as sexual function.

- Fireweed is a perennial plant with upright stems and dark pink flowers, the aerial parts of which are powdered to combat bacterial infection of the prostate. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Two of its components, oenothin A and B, act as inhibitors of the two enzymes involved in the development of hyperplasia: 5 alpha-reductase and aromatase.

Zinc bisglycinate is the most assimilable form of zinc. It is the best way to recharge with zinc, thus avoiding its deficiency which aggravates prostate hypertrophy. It helps to relieve its inflammation.

- Klamath algae is one of the most complete foods on the planet, harvested in a lake protected from pollution, whose very rich sedimentary layer favours the growth of blue microalgae and its nutritional richness: 20 amino acids, 60 minerals and trace elements, 14 vitamins, 15 carotenoids, chlorophyll, carotenes, omegas 3 and 6, polyphenols, pigments, etc. Among other things, it has a direct action on the release of stem cells produced in the bone marrow which are used to repair and rebuild the elements of the body that are suffering and need to be regenerated. In the case of an adenoma, they act at the very heart of the prostate.


For two capsules:

- Sabal berry powder 270 mg

- Pygeum bark powder 102 mg

- Powder of aerial parts of fireweed 96 mg

- Zinc bisglycinate 66 mg (of which 13.2 mg zinc)

- Klamath Algae 66 mg



3 capsules per day.



Pill box of 180 capsules.

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