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This supplement is made up of concentrated extracts of Desmodium, rosemary and a purified extract of Silymarin, which is taken from the seeds and fruit of the milk thistle used since ancient times to improve digestive functions. Desmophyt also contains phospholipids which optimise cellular exchanges.

The synergy between Sylimarine and the other active ingredients makes it an ideal detoxifier, relieving the liver of the effects of overeating and ridding it of toxic substances.

Alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant with multiple functions, completes this formula for the well-being of the liver.


Desmodium, milk thistle, rosemary, lecithin and alpha lipoic acid.

Composition for 2 capsules

Desmodium adscendens leaf extract D.C. 640 mg
Milk thistle seed extract Silybum marianum L. Gaertn 210 mg
Rosemary leaf extract Rosmarinus officinalis L. 50 mg
Soya lecithin with 30% phosphatidylcholine 40 mg Alpha R lipoic acid 30 mg
Magnesium salts of fatty acids (anti-caking agent)
Vegetable capsule: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules a day, to be drunk with a large glass of water.
Not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or breast-feeding women and diabetics.


Box of 90 capsules.

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