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Mother tincture and gemmotherapy formula for the parasympathetic nervous system

Vagostim is a mother tincture and gemmotherapy based formula in drops to act positively on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Vagostim is indeed composed of buds which will have a strengthening effect on your autonomic nerves. This treatment will therefore allow you to slow down the body's functions more effectively: heart rate, blood pressure, etc.


Thus, the role of Vagostim is to enable you to be more efficient and to recover natural automatisms that save energy, thus making your life more pleasant.

This natural remedy is therefore the phytotherapeutic solution to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system and regain control over your body and its automatisms.



Vagostim is composed of 4 ingredients from plants harvested at their youngest age, which is the basis of gemmotherapy, the science of buds and young shoots.

This homeopathic product has been designed to maximise its potential for use and its beneficial effects on the body, without having any side effects. T


All ingredients have regulatory properties that will have a calming and strengthening impact.


California poppy, Escholtzia californica, up to 25%;       

Passiflora, Passiflora incarnata, up to 25%;

Valeriana officinalis, 15%;        

Linden buds (glycerine macerate), Tilia tomentosa, up to 35%.



Heart (to calm)


Heart palpitations

Sleep disorders


Autonomic nervous system: neurotonia

Parasympathetic nervous system: stasis


20 drops after your 2 main meals, as a 6-week treatment.


Directions for use

This natural care can be taken directly with a spoon after dosing, or can be diluted in a glass of water, according to your preference. Do not ingest on its own but use after a meal (lunch or dinner).

Not suitable for pregnant women, young children and infants.



50 ml tinted glass bottle with dropper. Contains about 900 drops, so for a 22 - 23 days cure.

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