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A synergy of highly active natural ingredients


Its antiviral action makes it particularly effective in the event of a cold, flu or bronchitis. These properties are beneficial at a time when the changing seasons and temperatures, with their increasingly pronounced variations, are putting a strain on the body. Origaphyt relieves in particular all the symptoms associated with the ENT sphere: runny nose, chills, sore throat, cough, earache, fever and fatigue. It also helps to stimulate the body's natural defences by promoting the functioning of white blood cells and lymphatic flow.




The oregano used in the composition of Origaphyt originates from Greece where it grows at an altitude of 700-800 m. Its active ingredient is carvacrol, the proportion of which in oregano varies according to the species. The varieties selected for the production of Origaphyt contain more than 60 per cent carvacrol.

Origaphyt is recommended for use against bacterial or viral contamination. It is a powerful anti-infective. It is particularly effective against:

  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract,

  • pulmonary affections,

  • asthma,

  • respiratory allergies,

  • colds,

  • flu (chills, fever, fatigue),

  • bronchitis,

  • coughs and sore throats.

In addition, several studies have demonstrated the antifungal action of carvacrol-rich oregano on fungi (Candida abicans). When attacked by fungi and parasites, the immune system is weakened and the body is more vulnerable to ENT infections. Origaphyt will not only fight the viruses and bacteria responsible for the infection, but will also promote immune health by combating anything that may weaken the physiological ground.




Oregano leaf powder (Origanum vulgare), dry extract of cumin seeds (Nigella sativa), cinnamon bark (Cinnamoum zeylanicum), sage leaf (Salvia officinalis), ginger root (Zingiber officinalis). Anti-caking agent: lithothamnium.

The Origaphyt formula: 


  • Organic oregano: 350 mg

  • Dry extract of black cumin titrated to 5% thymoquinone: 25 mg

  • Dried cinnamon extract: 25 mg

  • Dried sage extract: 25 mg

  • Dry extract of ginger titrated to 5% gingerols: 25 mg



1 to 2 capsules morning and evening.


Box of 90 pullulan capsules (100% natural and vegetable).



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