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Glyceor Eliphe CA19

Your ally in the fight against diabetes

The occurrence of type 2 diabetes, or fatty diabetes, has increased significantly in the population since the post-war period, as a result of a more sedentary lifestyle and a less healthy diet, too rich in saturated fatty acids, too poor in fiber, and which causes more obesity. Family history can also be the cause. These disturbances lead to a bad assimilation, a bad use and a bad storage of sugars by the body, which disturbs the glycemia.

The mechanism of type 2 diabetes is well known. It is first characterized by the resistance to insulin of certain organs over time, leading to an overproduction by the pancreas which eventually becomes tired and, after about 20 years, no longer produces enough insulin.

Type 2 diabetes begins to emerge quietly, usually after age 40. It accounts for more than 90 percent of diabetes cases after age 60. In France (as of 2015), 5.4 percent of the population, or 3.7 million people, have the disease and the number is estimated to be increasing by 3 percent per year. Since diabetes is closely linked to obesity, and obesity is developing more and more often and at an earlier age, it is also starting to appear in adolescents.

In concrete terms, the pre-diabetic period is defined by a fasting blood glucose level between 1.10 g/l and 1.25 g/l. Below this level the blood sugar is normal, above this level we start to talk about diabetes.

A natural weapon
To accompany a treatment against type 2 diabetes, Glycéor is the ideal food supplement, without any side effect, which helps to regulate glycemia and thus sugars in the blood. Each of its components has been the subject of studies that have confirmed their effectiveness in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The synergy of the natural ingredients which compose Glycéor is studied to act on all the factors which disturb the metabolism, thus the life of the diabetics of type 2: chronic tiredness, the pains of the feet and the hands, the itchings, the cystitis with repetition, obesity, etc Most importantly, Glyceor helps to prevent or reduce the progression of these symptoms into more severe diabetes.



3 capsules per day. 


For 3 gélules:

Dry extract of cinnamon: 450 mg

Dry extract of grape marc: 390 mg

R alpha lipoic acid: 90 mg

Chromium: 18 µg (45% of the NRV*)

* Recommended nutritional value.



Dried extracts of cinnamon bark (Cinnamoum zeylanicum).

Dry extracts of grape marc (Vitis vinifera).

Chromium picolinate.

Sodium R lipoate.

Anti-caking agent: rice bran.

Envelope of the capsule: pullulan.

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