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Anti-poison and detoxifying agent


Today, charcoal is used to protect against toxic fumes in industry and operating theatres, as well as to purify drinking water. As a remedy, it has been known since ancient times. There is scientific evidence that it is effective in absorbing poisons and bacterial toxins from the intestine.

Natural charcoal is a powerful mineral, very useful in many cases to purify the digestive system and detoxify the body.

Powdered coal, the most efficient

Powder is the most economical and efficient form of activated carbon.

There is charcoal in capsules but it contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is not necessary since charcoal does not have an unpleasant taste to mask.

There are also capsules in which the coal is mixed with fine clay, a totally useless addition because the clay clogs the micropores of the coal, making it ineffective.

Moreover, packaging in capsules is not recommended for several reasons: the quantities they contain are insufficient; they increase the price of the product; the material that makes up the capsules when they are of vegetable origin is treated with chemicals that are harmful to the stomach lining.

Powdered coal is therefore the most natural, cheapest and most effective remedy.

Manufacture and composition

To obtain its most effective form, activated carbon goes through two stages.

First, the wood is calcined by heating it, in the absence of air, at a temperature between 600 and 900 °C, this is called carbonization.

Then, to activate it, it is recalcined at the same temperatures, but this time in the presence of water vapour, air or oxidising gases, which allows the development of a network of numerous micropores that will become traps for undesirable molecules.

The physical activation of Carbophyt CA8 is done with CO2.

Thanks to its manufacturing process, activated carbon has excellent performance: it can absorb, for example, 97 times its volume of carbon dioxide, 165 times its volume of sulphur dioxide and 178 times its volume of ammonia.

Carbophyt Eliphe CA8 is a 100% vegetable carbon (Carbo vegetabilis).


Preventive dosage :

  • adult: 9 g (maximum) per day,

  • child: 1 g per kilo of weight, mixed with cold water.


To do a drainage cure:

  • adult: 2 tablespoons with 3 meals (i.e. 30 g per day) for 5 days,

  • child: 2 teaspoons with 3 meals (i.e. 15 g per day) for 5 days.


Carbonated water has no taste but it can stain teeth. To avoid this inconvenience, drink it through a straw. You can also add the charcoal to a yoghurt which will become black and a little thicker but will not change its taste.


Look out! Activated carbon chelates metals and minerals, so we recommend a one-time use, e.g. 7 days maximum, to avoid the risk of demineralisation.

When you are under treatment, activated carbon neutralizes the action of all medicines and remedies, including the pill.

It must therefore be taken at a distance. For example, if you take your medication at breakfast, take it at lunchtime.

Opaque box of 200 g.

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