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Chlorophyll is the natural green pigment in leaves, which uses the energy of light to make fructose and oxygen (photosynthesis). However, this plant pigment has a structure very close to the haemoglobin in the blood, which gives it a natural affinity with humans. Like haemoglobin, chlorophyll transports oxygen to all cells in the body. It is also an excellent source of nutrients.

In Chlorophyt, chlorophyll is associated with aloe vera which has a positive effect on the digestive system and the immune system.


The synergy between magnesium chlorophyll and aloe vera associated in Chlorophyt is particularly effective in the following cases:

- anemia,

- leukopenia

- protection of the gastrointestinal tract,

- indigestion

- gastric and duodenal ulcers,

- gas and acidity,

- hemorrhoids and rectal irritation,

- Candida albicans,

- infectious inflammation,

- vaginal yeast infection, thrush,

- osteoarthritis, rheumatism

- detoxification


For two capsules:

Pure magnesian chlorophyll extracted from alfalfa: 352 mg

Aloe vera powder: 88 mg

Capsule : marine origin


Boxes of 90 capsules


1-2 capsules per day at any time.

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